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Facebook Ads For a Gym

How we flooded a new gym with members within a month. 


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Note: in respecting our clients wishes, this case study refrains from mentioning the brands name.

This premium UK based gym had a steady number of clients for a long time. Most members signed up via referrals and occasional website enquiry via Google search. They had plans to expand the premises and provide additional equipment. However, the only way to achieve that was to increase member count and revenue.

Our strategy for this UK based gym is an approach to give the GYM an opportunity to deliver value to its potential members by offering full gym facilities for a whole week. This allows the members to get a feel for what it is like to be a member.

The Right Fit

We at Parker Digital Marketing have worked with many business in the fitness industry, be it online coaches, personal trainers, or fitness facility owners. We have an understanding of the industry and we are able to share ideas and potential strategies on how to grow the member count. This strategy had to be attractive enough for the members to sign up, and cost-effective enough for the gym to make a comfortable profit.  

Gym Team Website Design

The Solution

Implementing a social media campaign that offered value from the get go with a FREE 7 day pass to use the GYM facilities. We defined an ideal local target audience to deliver advertisement to, along with a variety of creative and messaging to grab attention. All traffic was sent to a dedicated landing page to enable visitors to submit an online form to register for the pass.

This delivers free value to those who have signed up, with the anticipation that 10-20% of those who claimed a free pass, would convert into a full long-term member.

Gym Results
☝️ Epic Lead Gen Results
Facebook Business analytics

Over 496 free pass leads in just 1 month, with only £922 total spent. Out of these 496 passes, 22% of them converted into full time memberships with a £150 average lifetime value (LTV) of a member.


How it was done

  • Well planned FREE pass campaign
  • Research into local audiences
  • Creating attractive adverts with a strong attention grabber
  • Simple landing page design that explained offer and was able to collect leads.

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