Case Study: Google Ads Digital strategy

Marketing for cycling store converts £1k into £35k

How we elevated the monthly online revenue for this cycling store.


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Note: in respecting our clients wishes, this case study refrains from mentioning the brands name.

This UK based cycling store has been around for many years and holds a fantastic local reputation, which has allowed them to grow over time. With the launch of their new online store, sales were slow due to the lack of reach/exposure. Still relying on local customers they faced the challenge of generating customers outside the local area and being able to sell bikes on a national level.

The Right Fit

At Parker Digital Marketing, we’ve worked with retail and eCommerce brands so we understand how to market the products and target the audience throughout the multiple stages of the buyers journey.  

The Solution

We created an effective strategy to target customers when they are towards the end of your buying journey and are looking for a specific bike. Implementing Google Merchant Center has enabled us to sync the store product catalogue, to then have all items appear under the Googles ‘shopping’ tab within Google search.

We then implemented our Google Ads system to advertise under the sponsored products block. This coupled with effective ongoing advert optimisation has enabled us to place produces in front of potential customers.

How are your marketing results?

☝️ Epic Monthly Results

The Results

Within the first 6 weeks, we grew their ads revenue by 1000% and give them A spike in online revenue hitting over £35,000, with only £1,100 spent on advertisement. This is a 31x return on their advertisement spend.

We are excited to see this brand continue increasing their national reach and sales through their online store.  

How it was done

  • Syncing the catalogue to Google Merchant Center
  • Using our agency Ads system. 
  • Highly optimised adverts to scale using Google Ads.

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