Case Study: Facebook Ads Funnel Creation 

Successful lead generation to boost cosmetic course sales

How we filled webinar spots on multiple occasions within weeks. 


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Note: in respecting our clients wishes, this case study refrains from mentioning the brands name.

As doctors and dentists working full time in the aesthetics field, they have constructed one of the most comprehensive courses available to teach other medical professionals. They pride themselves on nurturing the most inexperienced of trainees to ensure that they have the corrects skills to start injecting straight away.

Our strategy was to implement a strong lead generation system through webinar signups. 

The Right Fit

We at Parker Digital Marketing have worked with many cosmetic clinics, surgeons, doctors and those in the medical space. We have an understanding of the industry plus our proven systems has enabled us to work with this business to successfully generate leads to be converted into course sales.  

The Solution

We used Facebook advertisement as an anchor to drive traffic to a custom built webinar funnel. We used mandatory sign up form fields to ensure that those who were registering were registered UK medical professionals. All webinar attendees will then be targeted through further advertisement, contacted via their sales team and enrolled into email direct marketing for future selling opportunities. 

☝️ Epic Lead Gen Results

The leads being generated were of high-quality thanks to the number of lead form fields. This filtered out the ones who were less likely to be interested in the webinar. 

Over the first 3 webinars, we had over a 90% attendance rate, who were then given to opportunity to sign up to full training programme on or contacted by a sales rep. 

Over the first 2 webinars, we generated 221 high-quality leads from registered medical professionals. On average, each lead was acquired for £2.17 which is fantastic for a programme that is sold at £1249 per person. 

How it was done

  • Custom built funnel to automate the webinar signup and attendance process.
  • Fantastic Ad messaging and offer.
  • Well structure form to pre-qualify leads
  • Email automation to encourage webinar attendance. 

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