I'm on a mission

Getting small independent businesses online

Very recently a lot of businesses who relied on serving their customers face to face have been forced to close.

I Want To PERSONALLY HELP small businesses like YOU who are in need of getting online QUICKLY by offering you my time for FREE. I will do what is required to give you a simple website you can use drive customers to you.

This is NOT for businesses who are currently online, but I do have other services tailored towards you.

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So Who am i?

Im a web designer and digital marketer who currently co-runs Digital Bloom, a Digital Maketing Agency in Exeter.

I have lot of experience when it comes to getting businesses online, so getting you online will be easy.

I believe that everyone should do their bit to help others during  times of need, so this is me on a mission to help other small business owners where I know how.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I am offering my time and skillset to produce you a simple and professional website – ONLY if you do NOT currently have a website online.

You will have to cover the cost of your domain name (eg www.yourbusiness.co.uk) and the cost of web hosting (the web space where your website is stored).

YES absolutely. Although you won’t be eligible for the FREE website offer, I can still help you get online and find a solution the best compliments the problems you are having.

Having a website is a great start, and the way people will find you is either by you directly sending them there, or through paid advertisement, social media or a Google business listing. I am happy to talk to you more about these services.

I would say yes! Facebook is great and will take you so far. However, a business without a website tends to look more amateur and less credible. People will question your authenticity without even realising it. A simple website removes all of those assumptions and give you an additional platform to supply information and direct customers.

I will be using the WordPress platform. You will have access to your website page via the WordPress content management system.

I appreciate that one page doesn’t seem like a lot to work with. However, it is plenty for having a professional online presence. This offer isn’t for an all singing and dancing one page website. Get in touch to discuss what your goals are for being online and I will be able to help.

This offer is for a simple one page which does not include commerce functionality. If you require an online store. Please get in touch using the form above and I can talk you through what options are available.